Caches and cookies are like little notes your web browser stores when you visit websites so your browser can remember it the next time you visit those websites again.

Your browser tends to save these files. Even if they are relatively small in size, they will accumulate over time. It could cause performance and privacy issues on your browser.

How to remove cookies on web browsers

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Run PC Health Checkup to delete these files for you.

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Follow these manual steps to clear the cache and cookies on your web browsers, or use our FREE tool to do the cleaning for you. Download Cleaner One Pro now.

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What are the risks in saving cookies?

Like anything that saves your personal information, it could enhance your browsing experience, but it could also lead to issues like:

  • Privacy Concerns. Malicious actors with their advanced hacking tools uses data stored in cookies to get your login credentials or personal data. Getting these information can lead to identity theft or financial fraud.
  • Security Vulnerabilities. Cookies can be vulnerable to attacks that put the security of your data at risk.
  • Outdated Data. Cookies can become outdated or invalid, which can cause browser errors or unexpected behavior when trying to access the stored information.

Why is it important to clear cookies?

Clearing your cookies regularly helps maintain the privacy and security of your personal information online. It also enhances your overall experience.

When is the best time to clear cookies?

Just like tidying up your physical space, regularly clearing your cookies helps keep your digital life organized and streamlined. Make it a monthly habit for a smoother online experience.

  • When you are shopping online. It is best to delete cookies first before making online purchases.
  • When you are about to log out. Always delete cookies after logging out from any website.
  • When you have trouble opening websites. If a website is experiencing issues, clearing its cookies can sometimes resolve the problem.
  • When you are switching to other devices. Before you use another device to surf the Internet, clear the cookies first.
  • When you want to speed up your PC. While clearing cookies will not significantly improve the overall speed of your computer, it can help improve the performance and privacy of your web browser.

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