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Renew Subscription

Renew Subscription

How to Renew Your Trend Micro Subscription
What is Auto Renew?
What Are The Advantages of Auto Renew?
How Do I Set Up Auto Renew?
How Will My Subscription Be Automatically Renewed?
How Do I Cancel Auto Renewal?
What Happens To My Subscription If I Cancel My Auto-Renewal Plan?
Is My Trend Micro Subscription Enrolled to Auto Renew?
Where to Find Your Auto Renew Date
Update Credit Card Info

Update Credit Card Info

How to Update Credit Card for Trend Micro Subscriptions
How to Update Trend Micro Billing Information
Account and Password

Account and Password

I Can't Access My Account
I Forgot My Email Address
I Forgot My Password
I Forgot My Google Account
I Forgot My Apple Account
I Have a New Email Address
How to Set Up Two-Factor Authentication
How to Update Your 2FA Details
How to Disable Two-Factor Authentication
Cancel Subscription

Cancel Subscription

How to Cancel Auto Renew Subscription from your Trend Micro Account
How to Get a Refund for Trend Micro Online Purchases
Activation and Add a Device

Activation and Add a Device

Where to Find Your Trend Micro Activation Code
How to Add a Device to Trend Micro Subscription
How to Transfer Trend Micro Protection on a New Device


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