Duplicate files do nothing but clutter up your hard drive, making your PC run slower, also making it hard finding the right version of the file.

Remove duplicate files on Windows

Delete these hard to find files with Trend Micro PC Health Checkup. It also detects files that were renamed or had its file extension changed:

  1. Run PC Health Checkup.

    Click Start

  2. Once done, click Show Details on the Scan Results.

    Show Details

  3. Click Find duplicate files beside Regain Disk Space.

    Find duplicate files

  4. Select the location and size of the files you want to scan.

    location check for duplicate files on this computer
    size bigger than

  5. Click Check to start scanning.
  6. Select the files that you want to delete.

    Select what you want to remove

  7. Click Remove, then click Close.

    This computer contains no duplicate files

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