The program menu, or main console, will appear when you open Trend Micro Antivirus.


Displays the overall status of your protection.

Detect Web Threats

When turned ON :

  • Blocks Instant Messaging and email links that lead to dangerous websites.
  • Protects against phishing scams that can trick you into revealing confidential information.
  • Prevents websites from installing dangerous software on your Mac.
Real-Time ScanningWhen turned ON , scans your Mac in real time, so that you are always protected from any files downloaded onto your Mac. Unwanted files are blocked before they touch your hard drive.
Camera & Microphone ProtectionWhen turned ON , prompts you if apps are trying to access your camera and microphone to protect your privacy.
Update NowClick Update Now to let the program manually check online for security updates to stop new threats. Do a manual update before you doing a manual scan.
Scan NowClick Scan Now to run a Smart Scan on your Mac. Smart Scan scans those parts of your computer where malware typically lurks.


Manage your web protection settings.

Privacy ScannerScan your privacy settings in Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to protect you against identity theft which is always present when you are sharing too much information on your social networks. It is available in the Trend Micro Toolbar for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
Web Threat ProtectionProtects you against fraud, malicious software embedded in websites, and other security threats found on the Internet.
Website FilterHelps limit and monitor your kids' Internet access. Blocks inappropriate websites and manage kid's online activities.


Configure scan settings.

Scan Options

Select a preferred scan:

  • Smart Scan - Quickly checks in places where threats tends to hide.
  • Custom Scan - Checks threats in a specific place, like a drive or folder.
  • Full Scan - Thoroughly checks every file on your Mac.
Scan PreferencesClick Change Settings... to adjust how the program detects for threats.

Folder Shield

Manage your Folder Shield settings.

When turned ON , Folder Shield protects and limits access on your important files and folders from Ransomware.


View logs or important program events that happened on your Mac.

Generate logs to get a summary of threats Trend Micro has protected you in detail.

Privacy Tools

Explore how VPN Proxy One Pro and ID Security protects your privacy:

Utility Tools

Check out these products to keep your Mac optimized:


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