Learn about the Settings screen of Trend Micro Mobile Security for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

The Settings screen of your Mobile Security has the following functions:

  • Show information about your account and subscription
  • Provide links to sign out or buy and activate the app
  • Make changes to the SafeSurfing, Scan Facebook and Backup & Restore features
  • Check your Trend Micro Account in your web browser

Account & Registration

  • Trend Micro Account - Shows the account to which you’re registered.
  • Expiration Date - Expiration date for your subscription.
  • Activation Code - Shows the 20-digit activation code in use.
  • Renew / Activate - Renew now or use an Activation Code.
  • Transfer a subscription to this device - View and manage subscriptions under your account.
  • Sign Out - Disconnect your Trend Micro account.

Web Threat Protection

  • Filtering Level - Set protection strength of Safesurfing and filtering level of Parental Controls to Low, Normal, or High, respectively.


  • Open Browser at Startup - Set SafeSurfing browser to open automatically when launching Mobile Security app.

Social Network Privacy

  • Facebook - Sign in or out of your Facebook Account.
  • Twitter - Sign in or out of your Twitter Account.

Data Usage

  • Cellular Data - Set settings for cellular data monitoring.
  • Roaming Data - Set settings for roaming data monitoring.
  • Wi-Fi Data - Set settings for Wi-Fi data monitoring.

About & Help

  • About - Provides version number.
  • Help - Online Help.
  • Support Online Community - Start or join a conversation about Mobile Security for iOS.
  • Share with Friends - Share with friends on social media.
  • Send Feedback - Rate and review this app on App Store.
  • Collect Logs - Collect a log to assist with troubleshooting.
  • Help Improve This App - Anonymously share device data with Trend Micro.
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