Trend Micro Mobile Security guards your iOS/iPadOS devices against phishing and identity theft.

It can also:

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How Trend Micro Mobile Security for iOS works

Explore Mobile Security features on your iPhone/iPad!

  • Web Guard: Checks the websites you visit against a database of known threats and risks to protect your data. It works for apps and browsers.
  • SafeSurfing: A secure browser that filters and provides protection against unsafe and unwanted websites. You can browse the Internet with peace of mind.
  • Fraud Buster: Scans your iMessage, saved images, and screenshots for malicious links.
  • Calendar Guard: scans your calendar events for malicious links.
  • Social Network Privacy: Scans your Facebook and Twitter accounts for privacy concerns and risks, and provides recommendations to fix them.
  • Wi-Fi Checker: Scans Wi-Fi hotspots and connections for security risks.
  • Data Usage: Helps you monitor how much Internet data you have used from your cellular, roaming, or Wi-Fi services. It helps know if you have exceeded or are about to exceed your data plan to avoid extra charges.
  • Device Access Status: Lets you know the overall safety of your device and provides help on how to make it stronger.
  • Lost Device Protection: Tracks your lost, stolen or misplaced device on a map using GPS or wireless networks. Sounds an alarm on your lost device, even on Silent mode.
  • Ad & Tracker Block: Stops websites from collecting information about you and blocks ads when using your browser.
  • Secure QR Code Scanner: Checks if the QR codes you scan is safe to visit or install.
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