This article provides answers to commonly asked questions regarding the missing App Scan feature in Trend Micro Mobile Security for iOS.

Why is the App Scan feature missing in Mobile Security for iOS?

Due to changes in iOS 9 and later versions, the App Scan feature of Mobile Security for iOS is no longer supported.

What are the changes that caused Mobile Security for iOS to no longer support App Scan?

There are limitations that iOS 9 and later versions had set for third party applications. Apps are no longer allowed to query or check other running apps whether it may be the installed files or the running processes.

Will App Scan be supported on future iOS releases?

With the changes made on iOS 9 and later versions, there is currently no way to provide scanning function through the iOS apps and we are working actively to give our users this type of protection.

Does this mean that my Apple device is now vulnerable to attacks?

No. Since most attacks come from the Internet, users can utilize the Safe Surfing feature of the app for safer Internet browsing.

How will the app provide security to my devices and protect me from malicious activities?

Mobile Security for iOS has a feature called Safe Surfing that can provide security to your device and at the same time protect you from malicious activities.

Safe Surfing is a secured browser that filters and provides protection against unsafe and unwanted websites. With Safe Surfing, you can do the following:

  • Browse the internet with peace of mind.
  • Stay safe before visiting websites by Scanning a Webpage in Safari Web Browser.
  • Check the safety of the website by Scanning a URL before navigating to it.

What does the app do if it is unable to scan malicious apps?

Mobile Security for iOS has a lot of features that you can use, we have the following:

  • Safe Surfing - a secured browser that filters and provides protection against unsafe and unwanted websites. With Safe Surfing, you can browse the internet with peace of mind.
  • Data Usage - helps you monitor how much Internet data you have used from your cellular, roaming, or Wi-Fi services. Network Usage may help you avoid extra charges by letting you know if you have exceeded or are about to exceed your data plan. This feature will not affect your ability to make or receive phone calls locally or while overseas, nor will it affect your Wi-Fi connections.
  • Social Network Privacy feature - scans your Facebook and Twitter accounts for privacy concerns and risks, and provides recommendations to fix them.
  • Parental Controls - protects the data on your device by checking the websites that you visit against a database of known threats and risks. It works for apps and browsers.
  • Device Access Status - lets you know the overall safety of your device and provides help on how to make it stronger.
  • Lost device Protection – provides the following features:
    • Locate - can track your lost, stolen or misplaced device on a map using GPS or wireless networks.
    • Scream - sounds an alarm on your lost device, even if it has been set to stay silent.