The main console will appear when you open your Trend Micro program. It displays your overall protection status.

Trend Micro Main Console

Scan Keep your computer protected in real-time so you do not need to scan manually to remove viruses.
Security Reports Get details on the dates and types of threats your Trend Micro program blocked.


Customize your computer security.

Device Features in Trend Micro on Windows

Security Settings Configure your program virus and spyware settings.
PC Health Checkup Fix security vulnerabilities, reduce computer startup time, regain disk space and clean privacy data.
Mute Mode Get rid of non-critical pop ups temporarily when doing something important.
Protect Another Device Extend your protection to another computer or device.


Maintain the privacy of your files and your online identity.

Privacy Features in Trend Micro on Windows

Privacy Scanner Check the privacy settings of your web browsers and social media accounts.
Social Networking Protection Know what links and search results shared on social networking sites are safe and dangerous.
Pay Guard Protect your money when shopping or banking online on your web browser.
Data Theft Prevention Prevent hackers and spyware from stealing your sensitive information, like your credit card number.


Share and delete information securely.

Data Features in Trend Micro on Windows

Folder Shield Prevent files and folders from getting encrypted and modified.
Secure Erase Permanently delete files so it cannot be recovered.
Password Manager Manage all your websites logins in one secure location.
Vault Store and secure your sensitive files to block access.


Limit and monitor your kids' Internet access.

Family Features in Trend Micro on Windows

Parental Controls Block inappropriate websites or programs in your computer.

NOTE: Some features are unavailable to other versions.

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